Choose Change Workbook

PAPERBACK • 220 pages •  178MM X 254MM • AU$27.50 • Buy Now
HARD COVER • 220 pages • 178MM X 254MM • RRP AU$46.50 • Buy Now

The perfect companion for Choose Change! Go through this workbook at your own pace to overcome challenges and reach your goals by changing what you choose and choosing what you change.

Are you feeling anxious, uncertain, disconnected, stressed, overwhelmed or simply stuck in a rut? Is it just a little niggle or is everything completely stuffed up? Or do you just wish you could be better’ at something, get healthier or achieve a specific goal?

If you want things to be different in your life then there are over 80 questions and exercises in this illustrated workbook to help you discover how you can change the choices you make, in order to overcome challenges and realise your goals.

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