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Change starts with a conversation.

With all the stuff that's going on in the world, it can be easy to fall into negative patterns of thinking or behaviour. Like a lot of people, you might try to shrug off these feelings, place blame somewhere else or pretend that everything is alright and all is normal. But is it?

Whether it's just a little niggle or you believe that everything is stuffed up, Headland is where you can come to express your feelings, understand what's going on, realise your goals and ultimately enjoy a betterer life.

Anything can be said • Everything is heard • Nothing is judged.

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Mental Wellbeing

Stay Healthy & Balanced

Manage anxiety, depression & stress

'Stop the pop' of anger & frustration

Break bad habits, dependencies & addictions

Overcome fears & phobias

Recover from injury, trauma, grief & loss

Sleep better, eat & drink less, move more

Personal Growth

Connect With Yourself & Others

Realise personal, athletic & career goals

Break free from limiting beliefs or patterns

Stop procrastinating, start doing

Build confidence, courage & self belief

Improve or repair relationships

Start a family or be a 'better' parent

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It’s OK to not be OK…

Modern living can place a lot of pressure on us alland it affects each of us in different ways.

Do you feel anxious, disconnected, angry, stressed, helpless, overwhelmed, lost, sad or simply stuck in a rut? Have you ever turned to food, alcohol, drugs or other distractions for comfort or escape? Are you worried that you may be harming yourself or others? Do you struggle to do or enjoy activities like you used to? Does some event in the past continue to haunt you today? Would you like to be 'betterer' at something, to get healthier, improve your sleep, to achieve a specific goal or perform at your peak?

…and it’s OK to get some help.

My name's Tom and at Headland I provide a safe place for you when you don't know where else to turn for help. I help blokes of all ages — young adults, first-time dads, middle-aged guys and grumpy old men — to realise their wellbeing, performance and growth goals.

I use a bunch of techniques including hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, creativity and counselling. Some of this stuff has been used effectively for thousands of years —not just for healing but also in combat (a long time ago) and sport (more recently) to ensure that warriors and athletes perform at their best.

Wherever you are at on your life journey and whatever you wish to achieve, Headland can help!

"I feel ten feet tall and I'm normally 5'7 so I'm feeling great!"
New Dad & Business Owner // Lower North Shore, Sydney
"Tom helped me to feel more in control and calm."
New parent // Northern Beaches, Sydney
"Tom got me back on track... not just training,
but really enjoying my running again."
Endurance Athlete // Northern Beaches, Sydney
"I see things a lot brighter. I don’t know if that’s weird or normal.
I really do see things differently. Even things like colours are more vibrant."
Law Student // UTS, Sydney
"My teenage son is a diferent person!"
Father of Three // Northern Beaches, Sydney
"I am now able to drink in moderation."
Father and Business Owner // Northern Beaches, Sydney

Your personalised Betterer Program

Over four one-to-one, personalised sessions we will work together to help you:

  • Understand what's happening, how it's triggered and the impact on your life;
  • Target and disrupt negative patterns, feelings and behaviour;
  • Enable and embed new ways of thinking that lead to sustainable positive change.

Delivered in-person in Manly or in the comfort of your own home via Zoom each program:

  • Starts with Obligation-free and fee-free initial chat where we get to know each other and establish if we can work together.
  • Lays the foundations and initiating change for your most immediate challenge.
  • Digs deeper to identify and address underlying challenges and experiences.
  • Gives you some resources to help you better manage your challenges on your own.
  • Includes a copy of “Choose Change”

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Choose Change

PAPERBACK • 200 PAGES • 127MM X 203MM • RRP AU$19.80
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Choose Change Workbook

HARD COVER • 220 PAGES • 178MM X 254MM • RRP AU$46.50
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