One-to-one Clinical Hypnotherapy for blokes and young adults

Change your thinking,
Change your life.

→ Manage life's challenges, break bad habits, boost performance and more
→ Convenient, affordable and effective 45 minute online sessions
→ Address the source of your issues, not just the symptoms
→ Personalised audio recordings
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I work with lots of different people across lots of different issues and specialise in working with:

Hypnotherapy For


Maybe you want to get better, need to heal or just want to get your mojo back... we can work through it all to get things moving the way you want them to.
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Hypnotherapy For


It can be important to share how you feel and think with another man who isn't a friend or family member — another bloke who can help you manage your emotions.
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Hypnotherapy For

Emergency Services

You protect and care for everyone else. You have seen and experienced stuff others can't imagine. We can work together when it gets too much or you simply want to shield yourself.
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Emergency Services
Hypnotherapy For

Young Adults

For young adults — anyone over the age of 12 these days — hypnotherapy provides a safe environment for discussing and overcoming negative thoughts, feelings and emotions, at a stage in life when so much is new and confusing.
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Young Adults

Hello, how are you going today?

If things aren't OK that's understandable. With everything that's going on in the world and each of our lives, it can be easy to fall into negative thinking, bad habits or self doubt. It may be a little niggle or you might believe everything is stuffed up.

Perhaps you know what you need to do about this, but a lack of willpower or process let you down… or maybe you don’t know where to begin. You may have already tried other forms of ‘therapy’ but not got the outcome you desired… or this might be the first time that you are doing something about it.

Wherever you’re at on your ‘mental health journey’, my name's Tom and I'm here to help you create sustainable and long-lasting positive change in your life.

All sessions are 45 minutes long, and are usually conducted online. In-person appointments are available by request in Balgowlah on Sydney's Northern Beaches.

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Mental Health

Fix stuff fast!

Rapid intervention for addiction, anger, anxiety, dependency, depression, grief, insomnia, pain, stress, trauma and more.
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Personal Growth

Boost Performance

Get the clarity and courage you need to break free from self doubt, build self-belief and make choices to realise your personal, professional and athletic goals.‍
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General Wellbeing

Check in & Tune up

Even if things are going great, a proactive session can help you feel even betterer and prevent issues arising in the future.
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Sessions & Fees

Fee-Free Introduction

We usually start with a fee-free 15 minute chat on the phone or online. This gives us the opportunity to get to know each other and whether we both believe we can work together to help you realise your goals.

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Foundation Session

45 Minutes • Online • $150

Depending on your situation and needs, during your first 'foundation' session with Headland we will:

  • Discuss the issue or 'challenge' you wish to address;
  • Assess how you currently process and respond to this challenge (sometimes referred to as 'cognitive distortions');
  • Determine any underlying or contributing factors;
  • Map out a tailored treatment program over 1 - 3 sessions;
  • Run a relaxed-focus (hypnosis) or other subconscious reprogram activity to target and disrupt deeply embedded negative patterns of thinking and to activate sustainable positive change.

Standard Sessions

45 Minutes • Online • $150

Following your foundation session we will continue your treatment program through a series of in-person or online standard sessions, lasting around 45 minutes each.

As part of your treatment program you will also receive:

  • A copy of "Choose Change" by Tom, a book containing over 80 questions help you to see how you can change the choices you make and choose the changes your make in order to overcome challenges and realise your goals.
  • A copy of the notes and action plan from each session, helping you to see the proposed steps to shift things from where they are to where you want them to be.
  • A recording of any Relaxed Focus exercises that you can listen to in your own time to reinforce the treatment (approx. 20-30 mins).
  • Homework and tasks between sessions.
  • A follow-up email /call one or two days after each session to discuss how things have shifted for you.
New Dad & Business Owner • Sydney
"I feel ten feet tall and I'm normally 5'7 so I'm feeling great!"
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Principles of Practice


We work together

I do not magically 'fix' you or give you the answers — all that's going to come from you! I simply guide you through a highly personalised process, tailored to your specific needs, that requires your honesty, commitment, input and action. 


'Feeling' better by 'doing' better

I am not here to help you 'feel' better. I am here to help you 'do' better (and by taking action you will be able to make yourself feel better)! The process of doing better can bring up things that you find confronting and unpleasant emotions or memories may surface. But this is part of the process, as only by identifying them can we truly target them.


Working on what you need right now

Everyone is different, has different needs and thinks differently from one day to the next, so we take an adaptable approach with wriggle room for the unexpected! There may be tears, there is usually laughter and lots of other emotions in between.


Determining what is real rather than imagined

We will establish what your true challenges are, their triggers and the impact on your life. Your processing, filtering and response patterns will be challenged and assessed.


Shaping what’s to come

This is not about making sense of your past — it’s about creating the future you want. We combine previous experiences with realistic future goals to highlight how you can overcome challenges, make better decisions and utilise your resources to create change, fast.


Creating change that lasts

We embed the courage, resources and power that enable you to continue to make choices that create long-lasting change, disrupt negative thinking and make decisions with confidence.


Doing it all with direction, confidence and positivity

We establish what’s important to you — your sense of purpose or your ‘north star’ — and this becomes the platform from which you can process thoughts, filter feelings, amplify your strengths, add value and respond to the world around you in a new and positive way.


What's said between us stays between us

Everything we discuss is confidential, unless I believe that someone may be in danger or if we agree that someone else needs to be involved.

Overcome challenges and issues with hypnotherapy for

In-Person and Online hypnotherapy on Sydney's Northern Beaches or from the comfort and convenience of your own home

Access Headland's hypnotherapy services online or visit us in our clinic in Manly where we service Sydney's Northern Beaches and Sydney Metro areas including Avalon, Balgowlah, Belrose, Collaroy, Cremorne, Curl Curl, Dee Why, Freshwater, Manly, Mona Vale, Mosman, Narrabeen, Neutral Bay, Newport, Palm Beach, Pittwater, Seaforth, The North Shore, Warriewood.